Chakra scarf

chakra scarf

My beloved friend sent me a chakra scarf. We haven’t seen each other since I moved out of state.

She was (and will always be) my aerial yoga teacher – she provided me with the inspiration to teach aerial yoga. This incredible soul has a profound connection and understanding of the mystical realm of our existence.

So I get this sweet box in the mail with a beautiful bracelet …. and the scarf. I write to thank her, and tell her the scarf is beautiful, I’m hanging it on the wall ……

I go upstairs to put my things away. In my bedroom upstairs (my new house has a lovely master bedroom suite with a sitting area) I casually lay the scarf on the back of the leather couch, as I proceed to finish folding the laundry.

As I’m carefully folding my husband’s T-shirts on the bed, I have the most incredible deja-vu experience – which is odd considering I haven’t lived in this house more than a month and would not have such a profound memory of anything here (in this life anyway).

But the deja vu was an incredible knowing of a moment that was unmistakably a recollection of something I knew incredibly well, that exact moment – no question about it – was one I’ve lived. I knew every nuance of that moment, the thoughts, the room, the feeling. It snapped me into kind of a shock, which pulled me out of the experience, and I immediately glanced to my left to notice what was lying on the couch next to me ………

The chakra scarf.

Later, I checked my phone to read my friend’s reply to my message about hanging the scarf. She writes, “Lay on it, it is supposed to balance your chakras.”

I can’t wait to lay on it now!!!! If just standing next to it evokes the third eye to open, imagine laying on it ……

stay tuned.

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