my teeth are being drilled (dental drill)

I’m half asleep, but half awake – in between – I can feel the two worlds at the same time

i feel the pressure of the drill, but not really pain, kind of a dull ache sensation

I know that it should be painful, and I am somewhat surprised it’s not. it’s bearable

I wake from my half sleep state and see Dr. “S” drilling my teeth in his SLEEP!!

I wake him. “You’re sleeping!” I shout.

He wakes. He’s sitting in a chair in his underwear with socks on and looks silly.

I think, how ludicrous is this???

and how ridiculously silly


I’ve had the same dentist since 1965; he retired recently. he’s a gem of a person. When he retired, we wrote a funny memoir of his 50 years as a dentist and we called it,

“The Master of Dreck”

Few people outside of family members remain in your life for so many years.

My husband has known me since birth. We’re living together now 28 years, and we’ll be married 21 years in July.

I think my sleep dream is pointing toward my devotion to long-term relationships; the hardships one endures, and the ability to withstand anything with humor.

I hope I can live up to that in the waking dream.