“A thought wandered in my mind towards the binding factors of the modern man which accents his ignorance; especially the colonial hangover and the associated socio-moral baggage that the society puts on every citizen. The guilt built around our lives and the systems that govern our lives are part of the colonial hangover. Our life, lifestyle, behaviour patterns, thought process, concepts including our sexuality and its sundry expressions wear thick garbs of the acquired western garbage. A true saint never wears this garb. He is free from inside. His thought process is liberated. He is free. The society may never understand a true saint.”

This is from Mohanji’s blog, an excerpt I especially love

This man Mohanji is a divine human be-ing.

I’ve been reading his wisdom for years, and today it re-opened my mind.

Feeling especially free today after a Zip-line down the mountain with my step-grandson. Flying in the air like a bird, over tree-tops.

Then there was cleaning mom’s Depends shit in the family fun park public bathroom, which has a way of putting the absurdity of life back into perspective.

And while I’m waiting to see what the medical “experts” have to say about my lump of fibrous breast mass ….. I watch with amusement my crazy mind jump from “what if I do have cancer?” to “no, my purpose is no where near fulfilled, it’s just an obstacle to humble me” to “jeez, is the water PH here in Lackawaxen killing me?”

have to laugh

what could be better than this?