The paradox

One of my favorite Ramana Maharshi quotes:

The world is illusion …… Only Brahman is real ….. Brahman is the world

It is this particular quote which ends all arguments that arise in the world of duality.

And also ends all arguments that arise in the world of non-duality.

Yes, our separate egoic self is temporary, only an idea in our mind, and therefore, Illusive. And yes, only the never-changing, infinite and timeless space in which our egoic self arises is REAL. BUT now we have to look at both sides simultaneously and imagine (because it is beyond our true understanding) that they’re both the SAME thing!!!

freeform figure

This is a revelation I always come back to when lost in the chaos of mind.

I have breast cancer. My mother is in a facility and I placed her there against her will. My world view changes from “I am always the cause, the world is the effect” to “the world is run by dark secret powerful entities whose only aim is to control the energy and the masses” My husband gets migraine headaches because of all the stress he is holding. The poison in the chemotherapy is fucking killing me slowly.

God!!!!! It’s all Right what I think and its all Wrong what I think – at the same time!!!!

This may seem like a dark post, but really, its an enlightened one.

Whenever we CLING or RESIST or DESIRE or believe we KNOW ……. STOP……

If the world is illusion, we (Brahman) have the power to make it the GRANDEST illusion of all. Whether in sickness or health, depression or joy, we (Brahman) have the imagination to transform and learn and grow in ANY situation.

Brahman is the World, Only Brahman is real, the World is an illusion…… any way you say it, it points to the same TRUTH.