Invisible Truth

Just happened upon this writing this evening …….  most likely inspired by a visit today from my amazing soul sisters ….. reminding me to always reflect on of the Power of prayer, the unseen Force of Life, synchronicity, miracles, the Power of Love …..

It’s an excerpt from an article by Bill Donohue on Sir William Crookes, in which Victor Zammit discusses his life:

“Victor Zammit says of William Crookes:

Undoubtedly, Sir William Crookes, the discoverer of thallium and one of the world’s greatest scientists, is also one of the most controversial and maligned figures in psychic history.

Scientists from all over the world have showered him with honors for his brilliant scientific investigations. Critics have tried insidiously to destroy his credibility.

Anti-psychic, anti-afterlife, conservative negatively prejudiced scientists unconscionably and most unfairly tried to dismiss his great psychic achievements.

Yet over the last 125 years his experiments have been successfully repeated and his impact on the worldwide investigation of psychic phenomena has been most impressive.

What  Mr Zammit says about William Crookes difficulties with the system over his findings is very important because the same element exists today. Further, historical persecution against Sir William Crookes occurred because as one of the greatest scientists ever in history with very high international reputation, enormously high credibility, authority, power and influence, he went public with substantive information that would have destabilized the contemporaneous establishment’s orthodoxy in science and religion.

Consistent with the historical adage, one extreme created by Crookes elicited an opposite extreme, the powerful retaliation of those who had a great deal to lose – the establishment.

Probably in the history of the world there has never been such a pestigious scientist as William Crookes who crossed that line to what we call the after life and testified to things such as materialization where those deceased actually materialized before his eyes.

 Mr Zammit goes on.

 This problem is augmented by the fact that in the Victorian age, there was the “presumption of fraud” in relation to psychic phenomena. There was an assumption by many in Victorian society that since psychic phenomena do not exist, anyone who claimed success in demonstrating it must be committing fraud.

One can understand the huge problems which faced Crookes and other psychic empiricists in his time. Again, whilst the mediocre skeptics and dilettantes can poke fun at genius, defame the dead, ridicule by imputation, repeat other skeptics’ venom against Crookes, those who accept Crookes’ contribution know that one day, when all the world accepts the existence of non-physical energy, a new era in science will emerge, a new global perception will welcome psychic phenomena  and more importantly, the non-physical energy will irretrievably remove the cancer of materialism.

Crookes’ legacy of having the courage to make public his investigations of psychic phenomena had global impact.

The increase in the acceptance of “psychic force” and afterlife evidence is universal; foreign governments including those in China, Russia and the US sponsor experiments into psychic phenomena.

Psychic research is being conducted at universities by professors, some physical scientists, many psi scientists and other psi researchers.

Grass roots level support for psychic force around the world is just huge and is dramatically increasing.

By all objective criteria, Crookes’ discovery has and is having global impact.

Crookes’ experiments into the afterlife add to the cumulative objective and subjective evidence that we survive death and that communication between those who passed on and us here on earth is possible.

This I believe is the greatest discovery in human history and will give mankind the confidence that love will survive and that inevitably we will be reunited with our loved ones – love being the most powerful force in the universe.

Or as the Bible says, now abides faith hope and love and the greatest of these is love.”

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  1. I’m wondering if you have heard of Lynne Mc Taggart, journalist who uses science and lab work to prove spiritual truths…


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