Sun, Soul, Sol


Driving up Mountain Top Road prior to sunset this evening, I was entranced by the magnificence of the luminous shining star in the West, our Sun.

So I had to just stop the car and gaze …… something I never really attempted because it hurts your eyes to look into the sun!!!

But I was overcome with a sense of complete love

Always the sun worshiper, I never miss an opportunity to bathe in its rays.

(although in recent years I’ve grown pre-cancer sun spots, so I’ve been wary).

Today, the energy was so powerful – the frigid cold – the clearness of the sky – the beaming rays through the mountain trees. So I actually sat and stared.

I had no idea this was really something others practice – an excerpt from the writing I found:

“Humans have good and bad qualities, which are 2 sides of the same coin. In the absence of the sunlight we develop bad qualities. When sunlight enters the brain, good qualities come into appearance replacing bad ones.

Eventually, even spiritual ignorance goes away. Sometimes, you get confused from what you hear and read. You get contradictory information such as red wine is good for you and alcohol is bad for you. You are baffled with life’s problems and detest decision-making. But after 3 months of sun gazing, you develop a sense of confidence and know the answers for yourself spiritually.

There is a balance of the mind, where you are in a position to judge personal answers – the correct answers. You develop powers that are already inherent in you. Bad qualities disappear, anger, greed, jealousy leave you. You become a lovable creature. Everybody likes you. You will do no wrong.

If you are positive or fearless, you will not harm anybody nor pain anybody. You will become a compassionate person. This is a great contribution to world peace. A positive approach creates solutions to problems and waste in society. There will be no need for environmental engineers. We won’t throw waste, as there is no away.”



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  1. Oh Janet! That beautiful sun is the testament of your faith realized! What a beautiful thing to be stopped in your tracks!!! >


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