The Mystery of symbolism

I came upon this fascinating account of druid symbolism, especially liked this excerpt about trees here:

The name of the Canaanite goddess Asteroth means “sacred tree,” although this translation is redundant because all trees were sacred to the ancient peoples of the Near East and Europa – John Lamb Lash (Not in His Image)

“The groves were God’s first temples,” says Bryant. The groves, too, were among man’s first gods…Not only the Druids of Britain, but the Greeks, and the Semitic races of Asia were worshipers of trees. The giant oaks and the symmetrical evergreens were gods…”The worship of trees,” says Soury, “only disappeared in Syria at a very late date…The largest and tallest trees, and the evergreen ones, were adored as gods – John E. Remsberg (The Christ)

In Ireland certain very famous trees, usually yew trees, were closely connected with the tribes in whose territory they stood. They were held as sacred, and served as tribal meeting places. This custom was pagan in origin, but the trees continued to be held in reverence in Christian times. When Christianity was introduced, pagan sacred sites were often converted into Christian sacred sites – Alexander Stewart (A Highland Parish or the History of Fortingall, 1928)

In the religious history of the Aryan race in Europe the worship of trees has played an important part. Nothing could be more natural…From an examination of the Teutonic words for “temple” Grimm has made it probable that amongst the Germans the oldest sanctuaries were natural woods…tree worship is well attested for all the great European families of the Aryan stock – Sir James George Frazer (The Golden Bough, 1922)