The Earth is Alive (a pre-surgery rant)

To remain astonished about LIFE, allow what appears ridiculous to make sense

what appears IMPOSSIBLE to have potential REALITY

Look at something as though you’ve never seen it before

Really LOOK

Pull yourself OUT of your compulsivity of conditioned thought patterns

Ask yourself constantly ‘What are you AFRAID OF????

I re-visited the Knowledge about FRACTALS in Nature, and binge-watched Mudfossil University videos (You Tube).

I became re-ASTONISHED about Earth/Human Potential Reality.

And I watched the Netflix documentary: Jim Carrey’s portrayal of Andy Kaufman.

LAUGHED out loud, CRIED too

Did DEEP ASANA work – wheel and shoulderstand, and forward folds with LONG YIN holds

And after all of that …….. honestly ……. I’m still full of CRAP pretending that I’m not scared and feeling uneasy about surgery

I don’t even love my breasts (pretty damn saggy!)

But I’m conditioned to believe they’re a part of me??

When the breast fascia/tissue is (ectomied) removed from my living body cells

will it become petrified rock?

Like the ancient Giants in the Aborigine dream worlds?

Or just dissolve into the abyss and meet up with me after this blip of life seemingly ends?

I PRAY to SEE the UNSEEN Truth in my anesthetized state, and come back to TELL.

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