crazily radical in a conservative way

The idea of EMBODIMENT is so creatively expressed here.
For me, these were the highlights of this particular interview (video below):

On embodiment

we’re at our best when we’re INTEGRATED completely ….
Real intimacy ….. literally COMING together!


a symbolic representation – in which the SPIRIT has to become fully embodied

The FULLY incarnate BEING is the messiah, which means embracing the horrors (evil) of the world …..(take the sins of the world unto yourself)

i.e., recognizing satanic tendencies that are YOU (your shadow)

On socialization ….

Integrating our competitive nature into fair play. Not as a morality of restrictions on yourself, not reducing yourself to a domesticated moral being, but taking everything you’ve got to move forward.

More on the SHADOW SELF….. (and I really GET this):

Understanding how Auschwitz was about ME ….how that understanding re-orients you
A deep part of the shadow idea is taking the sins of the world unto yourself.
This is pre-requisite for true knowledge/understanding,
One of the motivations is existential terror – (knowing what I am capable of in the most negative way)

On Power…..

Is there something higher than tyrannical power?

Christ’s encounter with Satan in the desert – The offer is tyrannical power over everything.

Christ’s response is “there’s something better”

That is WISDOM

So why not work for the betterment of BEING?
Do what you can do to make it better.
Or at least FIND OUT what you can do ….. not in a moralistic way but in a

Enjoy the interview …..



5 thoughts on “crazily radical in a conservative way

  1. OMG!

    I just watched this clip!!!!!!!


    LOVE this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. My mind is blown

    Where did you find this man?

    Amazing stuff, amazing.

    Almost too much to process on my own.



  3. I know, he has quite a brilliant thinking mind – he became oooular because of a recent controversy over changing our language pronouns – you can see on you tube.


  4. I admit to being a big fan of Dr. Peterson. Hearing him mention yoga as a spiritual focus on the body really speaks to me. One of my first realizations about yoga was that I found spiritual meaning in movement & the body in a way that I never found in intellect.

    Thank you for your ideas, and for you!


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