A flower story

There were so many flowers.

They were like an infinite carpet of color.

In the Age of All Colors, the flowers were every color of the rainbow. Not only the full spectrum of rainbow colors, but also every imaginable shade of each color! Some flowers were multi-colored with spots, some with straight lines, some with curved lines, some with abstract shapes, some with geometric shapes.

The rainbow-colored flowers were very wise in this ancient Age of All Colors. Their perception was as vast as the scope of their palates, and they knew that reality was as unlimited as their potential to be beautifully colored.
Because of their all-encompassing vastness and infinite potential, they were fully aware that ALL possibilities existed. Even the possibility of limiting their own perspectives and narrowing their own perception. They knew anything was possible, even forgetting the Truth.

In time, the Age of Forgetfulness began to flourish, and the flowers began to divide into two different groups. What distinguished one group from the other was their vision (perspective, point of view).

One group evolved as the YELLOW flowers. It came to be that they began to look similar (yellow-colored) because they all saw through a lens that filtered out the ability to see all of the other colors of the rainbow.

The YELLOWS believed that everything True was yellow, and they saw the world of yellow as the only right and intelligent way to Be.

The other group of flowers similarly began to look and think alike – MAROON was their color, and they saw everything through a maroon-colored lens. Any other point of view/perspective that was not MAROON was shunned as ridiculous and absurd.

The MAROONS fully believed that the YELLOWS were wrong in their perception of what Life should Be.

MAROONS could not “See” YELLOWS,
And YELLOWS could not “See” MAROONS.

Both groups truly believed that ONLY their beliefs were “right” and that the other group was “wrong”.

The individual flowers of each group began to think so much alike that one flower could no longer think for Itself. They became so comfortable blending into the YELLOWS or MAROONS that they were indistinguishable from each other – blending into a sea of yellow color or a sea of maroon color, being ignorant of the possibility of looking through another colored lens. It was an innocent misunderstanding.

On a remote island, there still existed some of the ancient rainbow-colored flowers.

One day some of the rainbow-colored flowers had an idea that they would attempt to mingle and socialize with the YELLOWS and the MAROONS, allowing their seeds to be carried into those communities.

Both the YELLOWS and the MAROONS thought that these rainbow-colored flowers must be insane!

They appeared to be spiraling out of control with their absurdity of multi-colored-ness!

The YELLOWS and the MAROONS rejected and feared the rainbow-colored flowers.

But the rainbow-colored flowers did not force their seeds to be accepted, and trusted that whatever seed might succeed in growing could potentially inspire even one of the YELLOWS or MAROONS to remember how to see outside their limited colored view.

The rainbow-colored flowers understood the challenges the YELLOWS and the MAROONS were facing. Neither group could remember that opinions can’t be TRUTH and that their PERCEPTIONS were only personal distortions of the TRUTH.

The rainbow-colored flowers knew that the YELLOWS and MAROONS had to find their own way through the myriad of their own beliefs until they re-cognized their own color-blindness.

If only the YELLOWS could see that their view was just as limited as the MAROONS, and vise verse! That their ideas were just two sides of the same flower!

If only they could remember that in the Circle of the Flowers their opinions are simultaneously right AND wrong, and neither right OR wrong and see how silly they appear from the all-encompassing rainbow flowers’ aerial view.

But until the YELLOWS and MAROONS came to this understanding, one individual flower at a time, each in their own time, the rainbow-colored flowers remained neutrally tolerant, patient, compassionate, loving and wise.

This rainbow-colored neutrality was NOT passive, it was full of the innate power of wisdom> they took action by allowing their seeds to drop without manipulating where the seeds would fall or attaching to the outcome.

In their infinite wisdom, rainbow-colored flowers knew that TIME was only a creation of the color-blind flowers in order to work through their evolution of reconnecting with the rainbow of colors.