a true prayer

With gratitude to my alchemy/astronomy guru, Lavette Hawkins, for sharing this amazing prayer.

The Alchemist’s Prayer:

most singular and unspeakable Presence, first and last in the universe,
heighten the fury of my fire and burn away the dross of my being.
Cleanse my soiled soul. Bathe me in your awesome Light.

Set me free from my past; cut me loose from my boundaries. Unite me with the One Thing hidden in my life, wherein is my only strength. Fill me with your Presence. Allow me to see through your Eye; grant me entry to your Mind; let me resonate with your Sacred Will.

Make me transparent to your flame, and fashion me into a lens for your Light only. Transmute me into an incorruptible Stone in your eternal service, like the golden Light that surrounds you.


Enjoy tonight’s full moon in Virgo!

Photo: The moon wasn’t quite full, but it looked nearly round and full in the sky – near the planet Jupiter, visible here just above the ridge of the mountain – in this May 28, 2018, photo (3:40 a.m.) by Asthadi Setyawan in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.