truth = love= I AM

I can’t see truth through my eyes.

Not in this dimension.

Only in silence can I sense truth.

When I know nothing matters and everything matters.

Then I feel a pointing to truth.

In aware moments I notice all the feelings I tell myself are true, such as:

I am feeling sick and tired 

I have breast cancer but don’t really believe it will kill me, like they want me to believe

I have no trust in collective beliefs

I am an anarchist at heart

I am rebellious

I am grateful for all I have in this lifetime

I am sorry for all the moments I’ve wasted

I think I have a connection to peace, but then I loose it

I have patience and trust that all will be well and all is well

I feel best when teaching yoga and learning new ways to see

I am impatient for something but I don’t even know what that is

I am afraid of stagnancy

I am obsessed with this body I live through and its appearance

I am disgusted with the systems we have collectively created, agreed to, and believe in

But ultimately, this is all meaningless

all that matters is I AM

I AM is Love, I AM is Truth

Excerpt from: What You Seek Is Found By Reverend Doctor Toni Elizabeth:

“The very idea that you exist, which is something you cannot deny, tells you that your seeking and yearning come from a familiar realm of existence – divine existence.

Since it is only the programmed ideas that you have chosen to believe that create a perceived distance from your One Truth, you can drop those concepts at any time.

The issue with attempting to define what a human is becomes apparent when you realize that using words to define I AM involves perceptions and concepts.

Any words used are based upon a manner of looking at the divine that is part of your present belief system.

I AM is wordless and nameless.

Therefore, you are wordless and nameless.

The question, “What AM I?” cannot be answered.

The answering in itself is incorrect simply because it is an answer using words and ideas.”



2 thoughts on “truth = love= I AM

  1. I love how you throw it down. You know in June I was in Italy and next to my hotel was a rehabilitation center. People entered there and did not leave until they found the root cause of their addiction and that was worked on and they only left with that was healed. So different from the 30, 60 or 90 day program as you get here in the states they shove you out the door and say good luck. So good for you Janet that you’re sick and tired. You are your best when you take things into your own hands. I’m not saying to nine medicine I’m saying continue to trust what you were doing and be rebellious. I do not believe this will kill you either. I never did not for a day. I thought it was causing a lot of grief and it has apparently. I want to very much for you to have this behind you already.

    Nancy Mahon


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