Is the World an Illusion? – Rupert Spira — Evolutionary_Mystic Post

Published on 7 Sep 2018 A woman asks for clarification with respect to creation and non-causality.

via Is the World an Illusion? – Rupert Spira — Evolutionary_Mystic Post

So much of my spiritual inquiry has been around this very question for so long, and here I find a beautifully, precisely articulated pointing, one to share for sure….

These were some of the highlights for me:

  1. EVERYTHING IS REAL; there is a reality to an apparent object, but one (object) is a limited version of the other (awareness) My first yoga teacher often expressed this; however, I had no clarity of its essence at the time.
  2. There is ONLY eternal infinite AWARENESS.
  3. All experience is REAL – but not all experience is what it appears to be.
  4. ILLUSION and NON-EXISTENCE are NOT the same. Illusion: It’s there, but it’s not really what it appears to be (matter). Non-Existence: something that does NOT exist; i.e., a square circle – utterly non-existent, we can’t even visualize it.
  5. The ONLY Being that there IS is the screen of awareness: No independently existing thing stands out from awareness with its own being.
  6. When these teachings are wrongly interpreted this can lead to a life-denying point of view. Then they appear to be very nihilistic from the point of view of the separate self.
  7. From the Bhagavad Gita: What is sleep for the SAGE (awareness) is waking for the IGNORANT (mind). What is sleep for the IGNORANT (mind) is waking for the SAGE (awareness).
  8. Can awareness remain awake while the mind awakens? YES, it’s called LUCID waking; i.e.; John Smith can play King Lear while still knowing John Smith.

Final Thoughts: I’m learning to play “Janet” much better lately. Less attachment to the suffering. More freedom, more trust.

I continue to perceive and believe that this individual inner work (self inquiry) is how we are meant to find our way into a more conscious planet.