It was Saturday evening, August 15, 2020 when I had the dream.

Unfortunately, the dream story preceding the event is lost to memory.

I post it here to record it as I remember it:

Standing in a huge cylindrical vault-like encasement, I began to be PULLED UP.

In the dream state, I was not questioning or concerned about my surroundings – (a giant metal vault), instead I was only focused on the feeling of being lifted against gravity.

It was unfathomable … this is really happening?

I was scared. I was alone. My response was a yelping cry of fear as my body was being lifted, lifted, lifted … higher, higher, up, up and away.

The cries were heard by my husband lying beside me, and so he gently nudged me and I awoke.


I’ve contemplated a lot of potential meaning from this dream experience.

Is this a glimpse of what ascension will feel like?

Did I foresee a real-life event and sense the feeling of it?

Is this how the moment of physical death will be experienced?

Is this what the moments of being birthed feels like?

Perhaps I won’t find the answer right away. But I’m open to all possibilities. I trust the power of my intuitive self, and eventually the understanding of this experience will be revealed.

Apparently, the pull of God remains strong …

Like my garden plants – deep roots are grounding me, as the light is pulling me upward.

With you is the source of life; By your light we can see light.

Psalms 36:9

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  1. Wow
    Intense dream
    Love what you wrote.
    Let’s chat tomorrow (Monday)
    Sorry we didn’t connect today Love you

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