the ocean

I was graced with the gift of travel to sunny Florida. I flourished in the JOY of Being in its glorious sunlight and even its warm rains.  During my morning walks along the beach , I had the grace of leisure to sit and just look … and wonder …  and listen … and talk to the ocean.

I’d ask her,

WHAT are YOU, really?

Does anyone actually know WHAT this mirage of water below blue sky IS?

Why can I stare at you for long minutes and completely forget time exists?

How is it that you are able to pull me in and spit me out?

What is the magical recipe of your salty sting?

Does your sound come from inside or outside?

Who first discovered you, swam in you, drowned in you?

And I’d wonder …

Why did humans stop contemplating the nature of this Reality?

Perhaps we forgot how to ponder, ruminate, imagine?

Someone taught us that you’re an “ocean” and we accepted that we know what you are.

And we stopped really seeing you.

Maybe that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in … here on this body we call earth.

Our modern Indoctrination and religion of “science” has been our demise.

We’ve forgotten we’re all little children – because we placed our faith in intellectual adulthood …

And we lost the Keys to the Kingdom of God.

I pray I will never pretend to know what an ocean really IS.


A favorite song from childhood memory … Mom’s transistor radio serenaded me each morning while getting ready for school … a time when joy and innocence and mystery was still ALIVE ….. hope you take a moment to enjoy:

3 thoughts on “the ocean

  1. Beautiful

    We can never ‘know’ the ocean

    Only experience ourselves as a part of it, floating in rhythm with each ripple moving ashore

    Words reduce into minimum standards what are essentially our most indescribable and uplifting experiences

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  2. There’s no place more special to me than the ocean. I get a longing for it that is very deep, and I am very wary and respectful of it at the same time when I am there. They say that both humans and the planet are made up of 2/3 water.

    There must be a reason why those of us that love the beach share a kindred primal need to be in the presence of the ocean.

    Much love to you Janet 🙂


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