(Just my humble opinion on the meaning)

When time is non-existent. The thought and action appear/manifest at the same time.

In ego consciousness we are stuck in time system, and so first there’s the thought/idea, then the action/manifestation in the world.

In Divine consciousness we are no longer stuck in time system. The thought/idea shows up without any personal action to “create” it. It says, “here I am” in a way that seems ridiculously coincidental.

Here’s my recent synchronicities, which all occurred within the past 48 hours:

1. I was in nature, on a lake, enjoying holiday, speaking with a Mother and daughter who I had just met. Conversation led to a memory that the daughter had about vomiting. Which led to my relating a childhood story about a neighbor who baked a rhubarb pie and offered it as a gift. After eating a large piece of pie, I vomited up purple, and never forgot it. And I haven’t eaten rhubarb pie since then!
That evening, the family style meal served by the AMC lodge volunteers included dessert – rhubarb pie.

2. Driving home from this fabulous vacation time in nature, my husband was unusually interested in a sign placed on the grass at a street corner in Harriman, NY. The sign was posted to announce a local Bluegrass event. I don’t even think my husband knows what Bluegrass music is, so I was quietly surprised that he seemed to be so interested.
At home, catching up on my email, I am drawn to a You Tube post about wildfires around the world. A music video is posted below the article, and I decide to listen. I’m immediately intrigued. I’ve never heard of or seen this band, and the song is so catchy – I just loved it. It’s Bluegrass music (which I’ve NEVER listened to prior to this).
The Dead South:
In Hell I’ll be in Good Company

3. On the morning hike with friends the subject arises about my days working as a dental assistant, and I relate the story about my dentist/employer who I’ve known since I’m 5 years old. Returning home that evening I get a phone call. It’s Herman, my dear friend/dentist/past employer. Though we do try to keep in touch, we haven’t spoken in a several months. Something spurred him to “check in with me and see how I’m doing”.

Maybe all that nature brought me closer to Divine Consciousness. 🙂