Spiritual truths

For many years I regularly listened to the dharma talks of a brilliant sage, Adyashanti. Having been to his silent retreats on several occasions, I had the pleasure of being in his Presence, and even had the opportunity to speak to him once.

I don’t listen anymore. At some point, I just felt like my cup floweth over, and I was filled with all the knowledge I could possibly absorb, for the time being, anyway. It’s been a few years now, not having Adya’s words guiding my days.

However, there are so many pearls that remain in my heart from his teachings. These gems will always be there for me when I forget what my deepest soul always knows.

At those times in life when I find myself absorbed and drowning in family drama and what feels like I’m helpless to witness this total lack of understanding or ability to resolve the conflict, it is then I revisit my well of ‘Adya wisdom’ to restore some inner peace and sanity.

I share these 3 very simple but Eternal Spiritual Truths with the intention that it may serve others in a time of need: (I am paraphrasing, and created a rhyme, these were not Adya’s exact words)

  1. What you BELIEVE so shall you PERCEIVE.
  2. What you RESIST will always PERSIST.
  3. DESIRE is a LIAR, it only creates more DESIRE

Recognizing these 3 spiritual truths is a simple tool to re-cognize where the suffering is born. And as always, it’s WITHIN YOU.

Blessings on the journey ………