oh my sacred dream time

“Enlightenment is not seeing everything through the distortion called egoic state of consciousness. That’s why it’s called natural state;  It’s perception without a lens. Ultimately that’s what enlightenment is: Perception without distortion.” Adyashanti

The dream state is a lustrous gem

here’s where all of the distortions are revealed

In perfect living color, form and sound

Because in TIME

I only see through the lens of my perceptions (distortions)

But when sleep time comes, the TIME perceptions dissolve

Now I can see through it all

My dreams show me what I know in a way I can’t really comprehend
It would be too jarring for my indoctrinated left-sided brain
So my dream time gives me truths incognito

I am learning to unlock the symbolic coding

and it’s beginning to shine crystal clear





angel of death dream


observing the sky from a large floor to ceiling window.

in awe of a light formation in the early evening sky

it moved like swirls of wispy cloud-like substance

fast and spinning, up and down, in and out, and in a split second it’s GONE

Holy shit, what the fuck? 

I’m astonished

what the hell was that????

a moment later it reappeared in the same white cloud substance

but it was up close next to my window

it took the form of a SKELETON

not bones though, a cloud substance skeleton figure, animated as if talking to me

now I’m terror struck that this is happening right in front of my eyes


Certain life-events yesterday may have contributed to my subconscious message to Self.

  1. Deeply moved by words I heard (credit and thanks to Global Witness, Derek’s You Tube dharma): “Everything we see in this world is a COPY of something that’s invisible, and a poor one at that”
  2. Driving along Route 17M, I have an unusually compelling impulse to look at my mileage (I never do this) and the number is 11, 144.
  3. Life is becoming more challenging by the moment for personal and family relations and requiring my most mature spiritual understanding to discern the events.
  4. Halloween really is about ghosts LOL

So how is God revealing Itself to Myself through this dream?

  • Don’t take things so damn seriously?
  • Accept the impermanence of EVERYTHING with a lighter heart?
  • Remember that my most important work here is to SEE THROUGH the bullshit and always look toward the TRUTH?
  • Understand that death is not at all what we’ve been programmed to believe?
  • Life’s potentiality is limitless in form?

Suggestions are welcome …….. in love and light.

(photo: Bird of Paradise, NY Botanical Gardens, Oct 2018)

I’m not ready to tell you

Had this dream that’s been bugging me for a few days now

I’m talking to a dark-haired, slight-framed young man

telling him, emphatically, “I’m not ready to tell you, I’m not ready to tell you

I felt emotionally connected to the young man, even somewhat romantically attached

he had fair skin and chiseled features, soft hair

it was not until this morning when I read the following excerpt that it struck me

this dream is my higher self telling ME that I’m not ready to completely know my purpose here in this life

I guess I’ve got some more work to do …….. thank you, Dr. Petrinovich, for your insight.

Dr. Petrinovich’s excerpt:

All of the lives you have lived are present in this Now Moment. You are a composite of all you have experienced. Therefore, all you see around you is filtered through this awareness and composite of understanding. When you look within for your message as an encoded Angelic Human upon the planet earth, use the amalgamated you to bring forth the meaning within your life. It is there. It is waiting for you to fold back the cover of its understanding. Only you can do it. Only you know how, when and where. And you do know, in fact, you are the only one who truly, completely does understand what your message means to you and to the world.

Check your focal point. What are you concentrating on? What is the dominant vibration of your being? What you are vibrating is what you are and it is that frequency that will draw all of your experiences to you. Instead, be gentle with yourself; don’t try to make anything happen.


1) there is a deeper level to all interactions,

2) look at the greater purpose that brought you into any situation,

3) listen to the messages carried within the situation,

4) ask for help from your inner Source i.e., Universal Intelligence,

5) communicate with your group soul,

6) watch for synchronicities,

7) stay centered in your energy, and

8) visualize yourself remembering why you came to earth.

You Know Your Angelic Human Message, (excerpted and augmented from Chapter Seven of the The Call, Awakening the Angelic Human), Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich, Sacred Spaces

Photo: harrymartinunderwater.com


Seed inside a circle

Had a dream last night.

RECOLLECTION ….. an image of a seed inside a circle

FEELING …… amazement at how it could come to BE without having been in the earth’s “ground”

Which leads to deep contemplation today on so many levels……

Like, Are we asking the real questions?

Like What is TIME?

Just love this Watts Wave from Akira. I think it says it all ……

here are some highlights below, but so worth listening in entirety:

Why are you talking?

For the same reason the birds sing and the same reason that the stars shine! I DIG IT!!

I DIG IT!!   I DIG IT!!! I DIG IT!!!

Why do you dig it?

Well, I could go on and on but …..

explaining things by the past is really a refusal to explain them at all!

All you’re doing is postponing it again and again

it explains NOTHING

What does explain things is the present.


It all starts RIGHT NOW.

Just as the sound comes out of silence, allness comes out of nothing.

All of LIFE suddenly emerges out of space BANG right NOW!

What are you doing NOW?

Freedom from being a puppet of the past

That is liberation

from the ridiculous situation of being a dog wagged by its tail.

TIME      TIME     TIME     TIME     TIME    TIME 


Salutation to the Sun

a poem:

sunrise, inspiration

pause here, contemplation

set an intention, make it real

touch the earth, how does it FEEL?

midday noon, take a REST

awaken now to be your best

touch the earth, how does it FEEL?

it bears the fruit that helps us heal

the sun has set, goodnight my friend


I wrote this poem many years ago to match the movements of the sun salutation yoga movements.

My sleep last night deeply informed my insight today and delivered the following words of wisdom to my inbox:

“It should be evident that the nature of problem solving, so much of which is rooted in unconscious thought, is holistic and beyond the blunt tools of written assessment.” Junaid Mubeen

“So the first step in solving a puzzle is to figure out what’s the basis for a puzzle. This basis (the universal puzzle) is not that hard to figure out.
It turns out…
Everything’s a puzzle, because, everything’s a circle: the pieces in a puzzle make up a whole. So what is the relationship between the piece and the whole? The puzzle and the whole? The puzzle as a whole? The circular relationship between the pieces (puzzle) and the whole.
An individual always shares a circle with a group, no matter what you call it. Swarm. Network. Market. The basis is a whole (in a circle with at least one other whole).
Within a circle, two pieces (complementarity) always make a whole (an identity). So the imaginary circle between (and around) any unit is the basis for a unit, and, therefore, the most basic number (conserving both technology and economics) is the whole (two-not-one). (50–50 everything.)
No one wants to hear this because circular reasoning is, perhaps, pre-maturely, still, taboo.
Half will want to hear this.
Half already understand: there are no problems to solve. It’s a matter of perspective (if you want or need problems to solve, then, for you, the problem-solver, there will have to be problems). Non-problem solvers are comfortable with problems. As is. Accept it.
The relative is absolute, and the constant is a variable.
No coincidence. (Like any background-foreground relationship, relationships in general, life articulates a circle). Likewise, the digits zero and one. Absolute zero and perpetual motion. Circumference and diameter (nothing more).
A circle as a (universal) whole. A (symbolic) circuit, cycle, switch (Y-N, T-F, M-F). The informational state. Everything changes because nothing changes.
So, thus a puzzle, that is not a puzzle, after all. It’s conservation of the circle that gives us all the whole. The universe. A universe. A unit — any scale.
The circular relationship between what’s ideal and what is real. The abstract and concrete. The informational state and the physical state.” Ilexa Yardley, Author: The Circular Theory


The dream

Mowing or cleaning a lawn – back yard –lots of trees, they’re dark, bending overhead as after a storm.
I hear a crackling, and realize I’m in danger of a tree falling on me.
I begin to run while I’m mowing/cleaning.
I get around to the front of the yard and the dream changes – small dogs (several) that I’m responsible for – they are running outside, and one gets loose from leash- I’m concerned it will not come back.
But it does, and all the dogs gather round me.
I’m in a room (like a bedroom?)
Others say to me that I did a great job cleaning (the house?, the yard?)
But I feel like I haven’t accomplished what I need to.
I say, “I can come back tomorrow” (to finish, do more)

Recalling last night’s dream, the felt message is about my work here (on planet earth).

How I feel about it.

Like I’m cleaning up my “stuff”, yet something deep within knows that this is an infinite task.

The symbols in the dream are so much about earth life, trees, dogs, responsibilities.

Knowing that this infinite existence we call Life is truly a Circle, no beginning and no end, I think my deeper intuition is always reminding me I can “come back tomorrow” (on the earth plane of linear time anyway).

Come back tomorrow or Choose Again.

I recently had the good fortune to be given a gift (one of many) from my loving friend, Nancy. It was a session with a very gifted and proficient dreamworker, Jill Eras.

Jill showed me that the “feelings” evoked from the dream are the deepest roadmap/pointers to the messages.

When I awoke this morning, I looked inward for the feelings.

There was a “feeling” of much to do, and a sense that I am somehow “doing” the work without even really knowing exactly how that’s being accomplished. It felt easy to mow that lawn even though danger was lurking, I easily ran through to safety.

It was an “okay” feeling, like it will all be OKAY, and it all IS okay.

No matter how bleak those dark stormy bent hanging trees appear and how out of control the running dogs behave, and how messy the yard can get.

Our dreams are our most essential guides in this existence. Like all of nature, our dreams keep us connected to the essence of Spirit knowingness while we live in these bodies.