The dream

Mowing or cleaning a lawn – back yard –lots of trees, they’re dark, bending overhead as after a storm.
I hear a crackling, and realize I’m in danger of a tree falling on me.
I begin to run while I’m mowing/cleaning.
I get around to the front of the yard and the dream changes – small dogs (several) that I’m responsible for – they are running outside, and one gets loose from leash- I’m concerned it will not come back.
But it does, and all the dogs gather round me.
I’m in a room (like a bedroom?)
Others say to me that I did a great job cleaning (the house?, the yard?)
But I feel like I haven’t accomplished what I need to.
I say, “I can come back tomorrow” (to finish, do more)

Recalling last night’s dream, the felt message is about my work here (on planet earth).

How I feel about it.

Like I’m cleaning up my “stuff”, yet something deep within knows that this is an infinite task.

The symbols in the dream are so much about earth life, trees, dogs, responsibilities.

Knowing that this infinite existence we call Life is truly a Circle, no beginning and no end, I think my deeper intuition is always reminding me I can “come back tomorrow” (on the earth plane of linear time anyway).

Come back tomorrow or Choose Again.

I recently had the good fortune to be given a gift (one of many) from my loving friend, Nancy. It was a session with a very gifted and proficient dreamworker, Jill Eras.

Jill showed me that the “feelings” evoked from the dream are the deepest roadmap/pointers to the messages.

When I awoke this morning, I looked inward for the feelings.

There was a “feeling” of much to do, and a sense that I am somehow “doing” the work without even really knowing exactly how that’s being accomplished. It felt easy to mow that lawn even though danger was lurking, I easily ran through to safety.

It was an “okay” feeling, like it will all be OKAY, and it all IS okay.

No matter how bleak those dark stormy bent hanging trees appear and how out of control the running dogs behave, and how messy the yard can get.

Our dreams are our most essential guides in this existence. Like all of nature, our dreams keep us connected to the essence of Spirit knowingness while we live in these bodies.