Living flower

If a photo could speak …….

“A Zen mind is one that can rest freely without further thought. It no longer grasps after material things or forms other ego-related opinions. If the mind is chasing after worldly things it becomes harder to live the great way.

Zen is a kind of stillness that is not of mind nor of no-mind. Think of Zen as a living flower that must emit its own fragrance to be experienced. The stillness and simplicity of Zen can be described with just a few words or a beautiful work of art.

One must be natural without trying to be holy, and that is why connecting to nature with clear awareness is the best form of meditation.

When one reaches a point of stillness in the mind and lives in truth, the gates of enlightenment are near.”

Excerpt fromĀ 
Remember Zen
Sheldon Moore

Photo credits:
Rory Kelly, photographer
Mia DiChiaro, dancer