Ode to Opossum

On my front porch stoop, I sit
cold February day, but sun-lit

Petting Goldie, my feral cat
she’s behaving strangely, I can sense that

Lady, can’t you see?
she urges me

Below the stoop to the left, I glance
to view a dead opossum, by chance

Innards half eaten, and frozen stiff
a raccoon, or a coyote, I wonder if

His spirit still there?
does he sense that I care?

I fetch the shovel to carry away
the petrified corpse, now free from affray

Far behind the house I choose the plot
frozen leaves and branches, I clear a slot

I make a blanket with sticks and dried leaves
to cover his corpse that no longer grieves

Now you are free from the body cage-jail
I honor my dead friend with the prehensile tail

It has been such an interesting week. I have had so many synchronistic occurrences, and I’m noticing more and more how every single thought manifests itself through form (a body). I recognize more deeply how Father Time veils our wisdom, hiding the reality that it’s actually all occurring simultaneously. I think I’m learning something new, but it’s actually what I know already. Thankfully, my dream time opens up my mind again, at least while I’m in deep sleep. But damn, that illusive “time” covers it over with ignorance when my morning alarm goes off.

It has become obvious to me the meaninglessness of the labels we get stuck to. But they’re sooooo energetically sticky, like Superglue.

Vegan/ Carnivore
White/ Black
Elite/Blue collar

We get stuck to the label, and then BELIEVE IN the label, and the mind closes up!
None of it is true. We don’t even know what consciousness IS.

“You can’t be open-minded when you label yourself with anything!” Freedom Fighters Florida



(Just my humble opinion on the meaning)

When time is non-existent. The thought and action appear/manifest at the same time.

In ego consciousness we are stuck in time system, and so first there’s the thought/idea, then the action/manifestation in the world.

In Divine consciousness we are no longer stuck in time system. The thought/idea shows up without any personal action to “create” it. It says, “here I am” in a way that seems ridiculously coincidental.

Here’s my recent synchronicities, which all occurred within the past 48 hours:

1. I was in nature, on a lake, enjoying holiday, speaking with a Mother and daughter who I had just met. Conversation led to a memory that the daughter had about vomiting. Which led to my relating a childhood story about a neighbor who baked a rhubarb pie and offered it as a gift. After eating a large piece of pie, I vomited up purple, and never forgot it. And I haven’t eaten rhubarb pie since then!
That evening, the family style meal served by the AMC lodge volunteers included dessert – rhubarb pie.

2. Driving home from this fabulous vacation time in nature, my husband was unusually interested in a sign placed on the grass at a street corner in Harriman, NY. The sign was posted to announce a local Bluegrass event. I don’t even think my husband knows what Bluegrass music is, so I was quietly surprised that he seemed to be so interested.
At home, catching up on my email, I am drawn to a You Tube post about wildfires around the world. A music video is posted below the article, and I decide to listen. I’m immediately intrigued. I’ve never heard of or seen this band, and the song is so catchy – I just loved it. It’s Bluegrass music (which I’ve NEVER listened to prior to this).
The Dead South:
In Hell I’ll be in Good Company

3. On the morning hike with friends the subject arises about my days working as a dental assistant, and I relate the story about my dentist/employer who I’ve known since I’m 5 years old. Returning home that evening I get a phone call. It’s Herman, my dear friend/dentist/past employer. Though we do try to keep in touch, we haven’t spoken in a several months. Something spurred him to “check in with me and see how I’m doing”.

Maybe all that nature brought me closer to Divine Consciousness. 🙂