I contemplate how I’ve always known the underlying truth

And the way it always felt even more “special” for me in some way

Because I actually knew IT was underneath all the layers of costume

And as long as I acknowledged, on occasion, the memory of IT

I could accept this life of the costumed “person” with (meaningless) opinions

In this instant – I am fully cognizant that

Attachment to a belief/opinion/perspective

Is the demise of Truth.

One cannot ever know the truth.

It’s an unspoken language.

The way a tree exists.

Well we’re not trees

but can we behave as if we were?

Recognizing and practicing our innate qualities of resilience

Yielding in all directions while remaining fully rooted to our foundation

Even being uprooted, and being okay with that too

When we’re so sure that our leaves are green, we need to remember that too can change

I used to meditate while observing a tree in my back yard through the window

It was as if the soul of that big old oak tree was placed in my view just for that purpose

To help me remember how to BE

Tree tumor

“Tumors are growths of plants, animals, or men in which the normal processes of
control are, for some reason, ineffective, so that continued cell division results in
massive disorganized development. When they are localized and not seriously
inimical to the general functioning of the supporting body, they are called “benign.”
When their location or manner of development is such as to kill the supporting
individual, they are called “malignant” and in man become “cancers.”
Tumors may arise from many causes, including parasites and infections of many
kinds. The term “cancer,” however, is generally limited to malignant tumors
which arise from no clearly recognizable cause and in which some one or more cells
of the host body have undergone a permanent change which renders them unaffected
by normal growth restraints so that the altered cell itself becomes a parasite
or an infectious agent.
Tumors exist in all classes of multicellular, organized living beings. In plants,
essentially malignant tumors are known to be caused by hereditary factors, by certain
bacteria, and by viruses.1 Today’s discussion centers around one group of
such tumors of plants, the bacterial “crown gall.” My own contribution deals
with a massive tumor which is not known to be a “crown gall” and, in fact, appears
not to be such, yet possesses features which seem to justify careful study (Fig. 1).

“Burls” are well-known massive intumescences which occur occasionally on all
sorts of trees.”



A walk in the woods with the grandchildren yesterday revealed a tree I had not noticed before.

I saw it first, and brought their attention to it. We all came close to observe. I photographed it especially to see the interesting carved-like markings.

Does Spirit have a message for me?

stay tuned ……..